Update on a Fundraiser for Jewels Helping Hands

Good news about our fundraising for the Homeless Center run by Jewels Helping Hands – – Not only have our donations helped Jewels with January and February electric bills – – we also have enough to help with the March electric bill.

We hope that everyone continues to donate so our Temple can continue to help past March.

Jewels has relocated the Homeless Center to the Women’s Club on 9th Ave.  On Friday, representing our Welfare Committee, Celeste Sterrett, Tricia Ohashi and I visited the new site.  It is amazing – – beautifully run and focused on empowering people out of homelessness into jobs, apartments and economic independence – – full lives.

For our Temple to become more involved at a personal level, we are trying out making sandwiches to deliver to the Center.  Jewels needs 100 sandwiches a day.  We’ve made sandwiches twice now and we are hopeful that we can soon have larger sandwich making get togethers. This is a pilot project. We’ll be figuring out where is the least expensive bread, jam, etc., how long it takes, and just how to do it.

We invited Julie Garcia, the head of Jewels Helping Hands to speak at our service on March 28th. You can view her talk on our Facebook page or on YouTube on our channel:

(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRmfShWxEWIWFztK80Uy55Q) under “Videos”.

Social Welfare Committee

For more about Jewels Helping Hands, see https://jewelshelpinghands.org, or join them on Facebook.