7/7, 7/14, 7/22 Bon Odori Dance Lessons

Come Learn the Bon Odori dances With Izumi

Then you can dance at the Obon Festival on 7/25/21!

No prior experience needed; the dances are easy to learn

4:30 pm – Spokane Buddhist Temple, 927 S. Perry, Spokane

Wed. 7/7 – Wed. 7/14 – Thur. 7/22

Bon Odori is the “Beauty of Japanese Dance”. This style of Japanese dance is performed during the Obon Festival, a time of Gathering, Gratitude and Celebration.

Our instructor is Izumi, a 15-year student of Wakahisa-kai Asian Traditional Dance & Music Foundation, Inc. Dancing is accompanied by vocalist Narong, singing traditional Japanese folk songs.