12/31 Oshogatsu New Year’s Festival & Sale

A  Two-Day  Japanese  New Year’s  Celebration  &  Sale

Dec 31st & Jan 1st

Spokane Buddhist Temple  –  927 S Perry, Spokane

Proceeds support our Minister’s Education & the Temple

Saturday Dec 31st  –   5:30-7:30 pm

Sales of traditional mochi, dessert mochi & Japanese items and antiques, such as Vintage Japanese dolls, prints & dishes. Pre-orders required for the traditional mochi.

7 pm    Joya-E Buddhist Service  –  Ring out 2022! Ring in 2023!

Japanese New Year (Oshogatsu お正月)is one of the most important holidays in Japan, celebrated with time off of work, family reunions & traditional rituals. In Japan, New Years Day is celebrated on Jan. 1st, which is different than in China, which celebrate the New Year based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is said that one must eat mochi on New Years or face a year of bad luck.



“Bell of the Last Night”

SATURDAY – DECEMBER 31st  –  7:00 pm

A Family-Friendly Service

Everyone gets to ring the Kansho bell

Ring out 2022! Ring in 2023! with the “Bell of the Last Night Service,” a cultural, spiritual Buddhist observance called Joya-E.

There will be a short service, followed by everyone participating in the ringing of the “calling bell” a portion of 108 times. This symbolically rings out the 108 delusions of people and rings in our aspiration to overcome ignorance, greed and anger in the coming year. It’s a way to reflect on the events of 2022 and move away from our selfish and ego-centered ways.

The temple’s Kansho bell was dedicated in 1965. The Kansho, or summoning bell, calls people to the temple and marks the beginning of each service.