Dharma School Overview - Jr. YBA (Ages 10+)

Junior Young Buddhist Association (YBA) at The Spokane Buddhist Temple - We are currently looking for a YBA Teacher and this groups is currently inactive


Welcome to the Spokane Buddhist Temple! Our temple is part of a larger organization called the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). Within the BCA there are many opportunities for our youth to participate with our sangha and grow in the dharma, the Young Buddhist Association (YBA) being the name for our collective older students participating in the Northwest District of the BCA.


At our temple our Jr.YBA youth ages range from about 10-16 years old, but we are flexible depending on your youth’s interest. We also have Dharma School for children generally 4-9 years old.


Jr. YBA lessons are offered during our services after the Golden Chain is read and are usually about 20-30 minutes. YBA teachers will discuss and offer activities based on the teachings of the Buddha and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.


Once a month the Minister's Assistants at our temple will lead the Jr YBA during the service on the 1st Sunday of each month. 


During services when a guest Minister or speaker from another temple is visiting, there will not be a class, instead students will be encouraged to stay and listen to the Dharma talk. 


This is our first year at the Spokane Buddhist Temple with a Jr. YBA, and we hope this year to have a once a month Saturday Compassionate Action in the Community Day. For this once a month event, we will focus on a community project or scheduled event students can participate as volunteers at non- profit functions around Spokane. We will be collaborating with a Camp Fire group that meets once a month during the week at the temple as well.


If you have an idea for an organization that we can volunteer with, or would like to volunteer and participate with our Jr.YBA during services, please let me know!


Thank you for your interest and participation.

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