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6/11 Free Evening Lecture with Reverend Kurt Rye

EVENING LECTURE with Reverend Kurt Rye
From the Fresno Betsuin
Shin Buddhism in the 21st Century
Sat. – June 11th - 7 pm
No charge — Donations accepted—All Are Welcome!

I was born in Anchorage Alaska, but in my early childhood moved to the Washington DC metro area where I grew up. I moved to Washington State in high school and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the Evergreen State College in 1985. I started my career working with the Chronically Mentally ill population in Seattle. I moved to Japan and taught English in Tokyo for 4 years and this is where I became exposed to Buddhism. I attended the English Buddhist Academy in Tokyo and had the opportunity to take several courses on Japa-nese Buddhism at Taisho University.
Upon my return to Seattle I became an active member of the Seattle Betsuin under the guidance of Rev. Cas-tro. During this period I managed a housing program for homeless clients with mental illness, to help them become stable and move on to more permanent housing. In the fall of 2003 I received my Tokudo ordination at the Hongwanji in Kyoto, and started attending IBS in January of 2004. I graduated in the fall of 2007 and received my Kyoshi certification in December of 2007, and my Kai Kyoshi certification in April of 2009. I have served at the Fresno Betsuin as an associate minister since April of 2008.
He is also giving the Dharma Talk at the 10:30 am Sunday, June 12th
Service followed by a ** POTLUCK **

6/5 Outside Toban (Ritual Cleaning) after service

We will be doing landscaping and general clean up of the temple grounds on Sunday, after the snack.

6/6-10/3 Sangha Opera Night resumes

Sangha Opera Night is starting up again this summer. Our first show will be Monday 6 June, and as last year will be held at the home of Bob Gilles. Our first feature of the season will be the Gilbert & Sullivan Operetta, "The Mikado", a light opera.
RSVP and any questions should be directed to Jim Bennett at or 509-244-2631.
Bring an appetizer or dessert & something to drink. Curtain time is 6:30 P.M.
2011 Sangha Opera Night Schedule
Monday 6 June - The Mikado
Monday 27 June - Madam Butterfly
Monday 8 August - Evita
Monday 29 August - The Barber of Seville
Monday 3 October - HMS Pinafore

6/18 It's Senbei Time Again!

The Spokane Buddhist Temple is hosting the NW Buddhist Convention at the Davenport Hotel in February 2012 . To build up our convention fund, we are making and selling our famous Senbei (Japanese crackers) and WE NEED YOUR HELP. Come learn how to make these traditional Japanese crackers that are sweet, salty and crunchy.
**MAKE SENBEI** Saturday – June 18th – Sign up downstairs at the temple to make Senbei (Japanese Crackers). We need at least 30 people. There are shifts throughout the day,
7 am—3 pm. **SELL SENBEI** Then sign up for Thursdays 6/23 – 8/25 to sell Senbei at the Perry Street Market (across the street from the temple) – there are two shifts on Thursdays from 2:30 – 5 pm & 5 – 7:30 pm. Sign up at the temple or contact Jefferson (see below).
Senbei Donations for June 18th Needed
As you might know, we are preparing Senbei (Japanese Crackers) on June 18th to sell at the Perry Street Thursday Market as a 2012 Convention fundraiser. We would like as much of the money received selling the Senbei to go towards the convention fund, so we are asking for donations for Senbei supplies, ingredients, and to cover the market booth fees. If you are interested in making a donation please contact M.A. Jefferson Workman 509-768-5449 or

6/18 Come Make Senbei (Japanese Crackers)

On Saturday 6/18 between 7 am and 3 pm we will be making our famous SENBEI (Japanese Crackers). Come by and learn how to make these traditonal snacks and support the temple. All proceeds from selling the senbei will go to the 2012 Convention Fund.

"Thank God I'm A Buddhist" Workshop has limited seating

Please sign up at the temple for the workshop by Rev. Kenji Akahoshi. This will be an exciting day with one of our favorite visiting reverends.

Private Showing of "The Buddha" Movie

Sign up & prepay $5 to see this movie with the Sangha.

Vipassana Meditation Moving from Thursdays to Wednesday

Beginning 5/11/11, the Vipassana Meditation is moving from Thursdays to Wednesdays at 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Discussion Group after the 4/10 Service

We will have a discussion group after the service next Sunday, on April 10th. If you are interested in joining us, please read the attached article from Buddhism Is Not What You Think, print it out, and join us in the Temple's basement after service.

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Special Guest Reverend Fujimoto - Free As Part of Japan Week


Special Guest


Free As Part of Japan Week


Lecture – Saturday – April 23rd  - 7 pm

Dharma Talk – Sunday Hanamatsuri Service – April 24th - 10:30 am




"The Shin Buddhist Path and the Destruction of Personal Wisdom"

Spokane Buddhist Temple
927 S. Perry Street , Spokane

Reverend Joshin Dennis Fujimoto is the Reverend at the Idaho Oregon Buddhist Temple in Ontario, Oregon. Reverend Fujimoto received his B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1974, and his M.A. from the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, in 1980. He received his Tokudo Ordination in San Francisco in 1981 and his Kyoshi Ordination in Kyoto, Japan, in 2004.  Rev. Fujimoto is the owner of Wood and Stone, established in 1980, to design and create sculptural art pieces, primarily of cast stone or metal.



SUNDAY APRIL 24, 2011 – 10:30 AM



Spokane Buddhist Temple

927 S. Perry Street , Spokane

Hanamatsuri, literally means “flower festival”; it is celebrated in April, commemorating the birth of Siddhartha Gautama, who became enlightened and is known as Buddha. The historical Buddha was born in Nepal on April 8, 566 B.C, the son of King Suddohana and Queen Maya.

Every year we celebrate our own birthday. For Buddhists, the celebration of our birth is an expression of gratitude. This gratitude grows from an understanding that our birth is the result of many people and that our lives are intertwined with all others. Realizing this we can see that our birth is truly a rare and wonderful gift, and we have an obligation to live out this life in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha. Our birth is like the blossoming of a beautiful flower, and so we celebrate Buddha’s birth with the yearly flower festival. Hanamatsuri is a time for us to show our gratitude and rededicate ourselves as we contemplate the importance of the birth of our teacher.

-Northwest Ministerial Association



Details on Japan Week at


927 S. Perry Street , Spokane



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