Dharma Talks

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Living with Amida

Presented by: 
Ed Parker

Amida is
light in our darkness.
What am I?
This mystery?
This I,
this lie
This story of me
to stop, to answer?
Where there is no stopping?
And the answer is changed by
the question
And vanishes
It’s all about the question,
What am I?
And finding light in the darkness

Dharma talk by Ed Parker

Presented by: 
Ed Parker

After pondering: May the wisdom of the All-Compassionate One so shine within our hearts and minds, that the mists of error and the foolish vanity of self be dispelled. So shall we understand the changing nature of existence and reach spiritual peace, (page 17 of Shin Buddhist Service book). And remembering a story shared by Reverend Castro about a tragic accident that left three people dead.

Spiritual Overhaul for a Western Mind

Presented by: 
Paul Vielle

When our car’s engine looses power, we know its time for an overhaul. The mechanic replaces worn-out parts, readjusts the settings and power is restored.

A practical approach to disappearing into the Pure Land

Presented by: 
Ed Parker

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