Dharma Talks

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The Questioning Way

Presented by: 
Ed Parker

Dharma Talk - 2/1/04

Presented by: 
Bonell McLeish

What beautiful sunshine
The super thing about it
Is that it is always there
The sun does not decide not to shine; nonetheless,
Even with all its warmth, it is detached
It is a part of the universe
It is its nature to shine
It always has that essence
What a great
And comforting
It is always there. 

When we cannot see it
It is because it is obscured by clouds, pollution
Or other necessary kinds of weather.

Searching for No Self

Presented by: 
Ed Parker

Buddhist Deep Ecology

Presented by: 
Reverend Don Castro

Deep ecology is based on Buddhist principles. It calls for a holistic strategy, what can the earth sustain for the long term? Where will our natural resources come from even in a thousand years. Who are we really? The page below touches and elaborates with some additional description on the points made by Rev. Castro from the Seattle Betsuin in the video clip, this page is a process and it will continue to evolve.

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