New Book & Workshop from Rev. Tanaka

New book by Reverend Tanaka:

Jewels: An Introduction to American Buddhism for Youth, Scouts and the Young at Heart  (With a Bit of Humor) by Kenneth Kenshin Tanaka

 Message from Kenneth Tanaka:

1)    It is published by BDK America (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism). I chose this publisher because my interest is to share the teachings, rather than making a profit from the book. https://www.bdkamerica. Org

2)   The pdf version of the book can now be downloaded here for free: book/jewels-introduction- buddhism-youth-scouts-and- young-heart

3)    Up to 5 printed books will be available around June and free of charge when requested by temples, schools and other organizations. Please visit the same site in June. 

4)    And for individuals, it will be available for purchase at a very modest price of $6/book, which includes cost of shipping to continental U.S. Very reasonable!

It’s my dream that this book can help Buddhist youth to gain greater confidence in their religion, and give any younger persons (whether they are Buddhist or not) a chance to take interest in Buddhism. It’s good for adults too, which is why the title includes “for the Young at Heart”!

I am especially pleased that I was able to sprinkle humor into the book. Chapter 11 is all dedicated to humor!


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